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Abhinav Jain


Abhinav Jain is an original thinker, an eco friendly guy who has taken up a mission to promote green businesses. He has a passion to empower rural India by creating solutions build on three pillars Social, Ecological and Economical. He himself practise organic farming for the past 3 years, he is a certified Agroecologist, he attended Indo – Norway Agroecology certificate course at the University of Calcutta. Previously, Abhinav has also worked as a software professional for Tata Consultancy Services. He graduated from Vellore Institute Of Technology with a degree in Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology. He has also worked with Teach India an NGO which is a Times of India initiative that empowers youths under English for Employability program. He is an alumni of Vision India Foundation an organization solely dedicated towards Nation building. His hobby is to travel, hike and trek.


Bhavanshu Sharma


Bhavanshu Sharma is a passionate guy for technology and programming, a tech savvy guy who has taken up a mission to promote green businesses online. Internationally Experienced Technologist, Mobile and web applications developer with 6+ years of experience, worked for several countries project in the past. He have interests in programming with various new technologies like ReactNative and AngularJS. His passion is to empower rural India by creating solutions build on IoT technologies. He graduated from Regional College Sitapura, Jaipur with a degree in Bachelor of Technology in Computer science.


paresh sharma


Paresh Sharma is a Core technical person in our team, He started his career as engineer in Heavy industries like Cement, Oil & Gas. He was automation engineer for more than 12 years with core engineering skills. Last 4 years he works as Government engineer in particular Oil & Gas industry. Achievement in his career is 4 bottling plant commissioned for Pradhamntri Ujjvala Yojna.
He want to become enterpruner so he left Gov. Job and start own startup. Nature friendly thinking he want to start business something related to Nature like eco-friendly products serve to society. Because of His own Industrial technical background he try make technology also friendly for Nature.
He Graduate in Bacholer of Engineering ( Instrumentation and Contol) from the city of lakes BHOPAL


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