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Living Leaf® is dedicated to making our world greener and sustainable by manufacturing biodegradable tableware products.

It is an amalgamation of modern techniques and ancient cultures. Many ancient communities in India have been using eco-friendly products since centuries. They use leaves of specific trees and vines. It is sown with stem and modelled into disposable, versatile plates and bowls.

Living Leaf® products are sustainably produced and provide a source of living for many families in smaller communities of India. The use of leaf in dining has been indigenous to India and its culture for generations. We at Living Leaf® bring you organic crockery with a large range of versatile patterns which decompose easily without creating pollution or solid waste quandaries.

When used at home or for parties, marriages and festivals etc just use and put them in the garden compost or dispose of it.

Living Leaf® addresses the motive to produce and distribute the prominent and eco-friendly areca leaf products, which will change the manner of using products made out of plastic and non-biodegradable materials.

With interest in preserving mother nature, Living Leaf® encourages the production and distribution of eco-friendly areca leaves. The shaded areca leaves are collected and cleaned, keeping a check on the hygiene and moulded to various shapes of plates, bowls, containers, cups, spoons, etc. We do prepare customizable crockery in order.


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